Analytics code goes with copy of app

I may have discovered a bug with copying an app.
I copied my pro app for testing purposes. That copy is not a pro app, because I only need it for testing / playing. I opened that app up for sharing, so to copy the app.
A friend copied my testing app (My app’s URL: and now the google analytics code is also copied. So his behaviour is showing up in my analytics. I looked at my copied app and even though it is not Pro, it does have the google analytics code. And of course I can not remove it, because that app is not pro.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

It looks like this is a bug. We’ll fix it soon. Thank you for reporting it!

Hi Mark, thanks! Will you reply here if fixed? (just for my reference)

Ah, your problem is that your friend is polluting your analytics! What’s the copied app?

well the copied app is (that is a copy of my app:
My friend copied that app.
But anyone who will copy will have my original analytics code from

Hi mark, just a request in between: could you guys remove the copied analytics code from in the meantime?

we have a lot of interest for it, as a huge dutch influencer mentioned us last monday on instagram. This could mean some new glide customers! (which I fully support!)

Sorry, I’ve been busy with urgent stuff. It’s still on my to-do list. I’ll get to this later today.


thanks mark!:+1:t3: