Alternatives to emojis

Whilst emojis serve a purpose they are not always suitable or appropriate for business apps.

Any suggestions for alternatives that work well within glide.


That depends on the intended use. Emojis have the advantage in being treated as text and can be inserted into text only components.

Sure, I agree. Well, we’ve just changed Glide’s icon library to - you could use those? There are thousands and they would then be in keeping with any icons you chose in your tabs.

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Loving the new icons have used them before for web design and they work well. How would you use these in google sheets? So icon then text…like emojis. Cheers Jack

Ah yes, sorry - that’s a good point. I guess I was thinking of using them as images, not inside cells alongside text. You could try although it’s a little limited. I’ll ask the team if they have any more recommendations.

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Nice one