Can use the emoji icons provided in glide as part of our branding identity?

Hi I just want to ask if we can use the emoji icons provided in glide as part of our branding identity? Are the emoji’s copyrighted and are glide users allowed to use them?

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Do you mean either the actual emoji characters, the icons that are used for tabs or buttons, or the icons that are available for the installed app (favicon) image?

I don’t have an answer for the legal copywrite side of it, but I ask about the emoji, because an emoji character can look different on different devices and has been known to have it’s design modified over the years. From a branding point of view, I don’t know if I would recommend using emoji, because it can change slightly depending on the device.

If you are referring to the app favicon, then I would assume that it’s open source since glide provides the option to use them, but don’t take this as legal advice since I’m not really sure.

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You can learn more about them and how you can use them here:


Hey Jeff thank you from your prompt reply i’m referring to the app icons and the emoji icons that are available use as our app icons.

You mention emojis “can change slightly depending on the device” this is not the kind i’m talking about.

David has sent me a link to twemoji however i believe the emojis in glide are provided by Emoji Mart™ so i’m a bit confused if they are open source or not.

Thanks again

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Hey David!

Thank you for sending the link however im a bit confused about the provider of the emoji icons used by the glide platform. Are you using icons from twemoji or Emoji Mart™? are these two the same?

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Emoji Mart is just the emoji picker that lets you browse emoji and choose one. The actual emoji artwork is the twemoji project.

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