🔍 Icons to use for glide template store

Maybe you can give me a hint to where you obtain the icons that you use in apps for Glides template store?

I expect that if they are free you have to put a disclaimer in the app - would that be allowed by Glide?

If you purchase the icons - will you then be able to use those in template (with no disclaimer from the site providing the icons) as the app would be copied and therefore have a new user apart from me?


I use icons from the noun project.


@Robert_Petitto Thanks for your feedback, Robert.
To me it isn’t clear in the pricing section that the noun project allows icons/image to be used for app template?
Which plan does allow for that?
I kind of thought that it was for private or team - but we are sharing with the world

I use

If you buy a pro subscription you need no disclaimer.


@Jacktools_Net thanks for chipping in.
When looking more closely at the licensing at flaticon it is not clear to me whether they can actually be used.

You can use our images to build the interface of your application as long as the service offered by your app does not involve the redistribution of our icons.

To me, this means that it cannot be used for apps put in the glide template store as the images are available to the ones who download the app.

… if you want to use our images to create image filters or stickers . In that case, you need to make sure that our images are not the main element of the filter or the stickers.

Maybe this means that if we use an icon for an inline list for grouping items then flaticons cannot be used either.

I have tried to write their support - but they haven’t responded for a week :expressionless:


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I think you are right. In my case I do not plan to make a template out of my app. But if you plan to resell the icons as part of the template I think you can use the free icons from flateicon but have to make a disclaimer page.





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Check section 3A:


I’m sure if you reach out to them, they’d be able to help you.

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wow! Thank you very much for sharing, I did not know this site. Cheers

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How do you get the icon set into Glide? Or how do I access a URL for a tab icon? Thank you

Glide uses a paid program with icons that aren’t theirs.

I think you might need a license.


For those of you, interested in customising things, I thought this might be useful.