More Icons!

Heyo! We need more icons for our menu tabs. Using the github logo / icon for ‘My Pets’ is kinda cute but a little off the mark. Can we get a flattened version of emojis? or coloured emojis too? …or similar. :+1:

Coming soon! We’re working on adding thousands of new icons.


I’m sorry but this 2 minute turnaround on addressing requests will not stand. :wink:

Great! :clap:


The Glide team are probably using Android that allows them to get notifications, which would explain the fast turnaround on responses. :wink: :laughing:

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Nice, apparently you just updated to provide a new set of icons. I am sure most users will be delighted. However, I am missing the nice elegant ones with really thin strokes (like the ones found in fontawesome), that I had been using in my first trial app. They were suddenly changed to different (much fatter) ones, while I was in the middle of working in my app.

I noticed the new icons too. While more options are nice, the old ones should be part of the options, in my opinion, so that current apps aren’t affected.


Nice to have them all!

Agree with @kyleheney though, I found out through a user querying me… another thing to revisit. :wink:

Feedback / discussion: @david

Having to go pro is a bit rich for simple icon access / flexibility. I appreciate royalties should be paid where possible but this feels oppressively restrictive (ie I can no longer chose even a coffee cup) in the free tier. We’ve net lost access to a lot of icons we had access to.

Can we have some royalty free options too?

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You haven’t “net lost” icons. We’ve added thousands of icons for free apps, and we went through every previous icon and found its equivalent in the new set. We’ll take a look at the coffee icon if you think there’s not a good free equivalent. I can see a free coffee cup icon but it has a weird wifi signal coming out of it.


I can see a free coffee cup icon but it has a weird wifi signal coming out of it.

This is my point. Weird is weird and for in app nav purposes it’s a loss. :point_up_2:

Thousands of free icons doesn’t make up for the fact we’re losing essential options. Another example ‘maps’… which a lot of us use given the interface options. There is nothing available in the free icon set that can meet a simple need.

All I’m asking is for some wiggle room for tuning. Appreciate Pro should get more… maybe just have the other old icons as well… then it’s more reasonable.

Any possibility of adding Fonrt Awesome icons? I already use those on my web sites, they have a much larger, less technology-oriented selection of icons.

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Three questions about icons:

  1. Is there a reference where I can see the full set of Glide icons and their names? This would speed up finding icons

  2. Can I change the position of the icon on a button, from LHS to RHS? I want to match the “< Back” from the header with “Next >” in a button to link to a screen.

  3. When I search for icons sometimes the one I want shows up, sometimes it doesn’t, even when I search for the actual name of it - any explanation for this?

Edit: The exact example in #3 is for “Arrow right 1”, which I can find for a Filled Button, but not for a Bordered Button. At first I thought maybe it was because the colour versus white wouldn’t transpose, but that’s not true for other icons.

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Thanks, this is helpful! Although it’s still not easy to search on their site haha.

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