Iconos en TABS

I have finished an APP and I need food and drink icons but I can’t find them in Glide. Is it possible to get them?

Something like one of these? Or are you looking for something specific?


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These icons are perfect but they are locked.
I have the basic plan because for me it is enough, and it makes no sense to expand it just to get several icons. Do you know if this has a solution?

I don’t know what specifically you are looking for. What’s available in the list of icons is what’s available. You’ll just have to search for one that you like. The selection is limited on a free or basic plan.


Thanks for your time
I was just looking to put proper icons (food and drink) on the tabs, but there are none on the available ones. I have put some generics and end of the matter,
By the way, the basic plan is cheap but not free