Added 7 icons but only visible 6 and 5 in some mobiles

Hi I have created an app and I have added 7 icons but I can only see 6 icons in the screen,
Also only 5 icons in some mobiles.
Can you please help me with this?

When you say icons, do you mean images?
How have you added them, and what type of component are you using for display?
Can you provide a screen shot from the Glide Builder for some context please?

glide glitch

Please check the below images
I have updated 7 types but in icons I can only see 6 and in some mobiles its showing only 5 icons


Overflow tabs are in your hamburger menu

Can you please help me with the screenshot of that so I can understand

In the top left of your app you will see a three line menu (also referred to as the ‘hamburger’ menu). Click on that and you will see the rest of your tabs.

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