Custom icon's for the Tabs

heyi think it would be an amazing idea to let people upload their own icons to the tab/menu bar as it was hard to choose an icon related to a topic I wanted to add since there was nothing related to it.


I want to support this/raise it again. I think the icons are critical to the app DESIGN and we don’t have nearly the control over this by using the icons available, although I will say they are a good, extensive list. Just goes to show you that quantity cannot beat quality (and by quality in this case I mean having the design choice vs. extensive list of options). I am surely not considering all of the implications for Glide, but seems like a quick rollout to allow something like up to 20 custom icon uploads with PRO per app.

By the way, here is my favorite site for free icons:

I would use these for my apps if I could.


+1 to this but it would mean that Glide will have to process and “color” the icon at their end to make it fit in.

For example, you have green as your theme color. Glide will have to get a “white” version (off) and “green” version (on) for the tab icon to make it work smoothly.


I figured I am oversimplifying and not considering all implications for Glide! Thanks for pointing this out! This may affect when, but still hope this feature is introduced in the future!

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Would love this feature and it definitely has to be a PRO one considering the additional storage they have to get for the custom icons, and not to say there might be icons that would be deemed “unfit” (low quality, not able to get the off/on version automatically) and they have to communicate that back to the user.

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Or even have icons by design THEME:


Modern enough icons are missing from my POV but I get that it’s impossible to please everyone!

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Sounds Complex. I think introducing icons by theme as a sort option and adding to the library would be a good starting point or even solution.

I nominate these icons or similar be added:

They are a style missing from the library. These are modern and clean design.

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As you can see, I’m immersing myself in feature requests to avoid rebuilding my Admin tabs today. :rofl:


You certainly are, come on Deena stop delaying and get that admin tab built.