Corona virus icon

It would be beneficial if we had access to a corona virus icon to be used for a tab icon.

There are a few potential options under Science.

Thx Jeff. It was better than the one that I had found

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@Krivo Why asking for one icon when you can get three of them? Let’s see what happens now when I search for ‘virus’ in the tabs sect—o, O, OH! :wink:

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 7.35.15 PM

Hope you find them useful!

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That is crazy :grinning:

@Antonio I’m curious about the Glide Icon Set… are these exclusive to Glide? Or does Glide license them from elsewhere? I ask because I’m using several of them as icons in other areas of my app (creating my own vector duplicate) to keep an app consistency. Just curious more than anything.

@John_Cabrera The set of icons we offer are licensed, that’s correct. But as long as you use them within your app it’s ok.

@Antonio that’s very good to know. Can you give us any information on how we can license those same icons outside of the App? I tried to do a search for icon sets with those specific icons, but couldn’t find them.

I’ve created some derivative product iconography using those icons (as I said, for consistency). Some of them may come to define aspects of the larger product/company which may extend to the product branding outside of the app itself (logos, etc). So I may need to acquire my own license for the particular icon’s I’m using if I want to (for example) use some of these derivative icons/logos/images on my website or other forms of branding and advertizing.

@John_Cabrera Sure! As initially we announced on Twitter, the icons are licensed from Streamline. You can learn more in here:

And here’s the original tweet with the announcement, along with the link to the author’s twitter account in case you need to contact him:

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Awesome thank you!

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Wow! Streamline is amazing. Their license is essentially the same as a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). You just have to include a link to them in the about section of your app.

virus request filled, topic closed