Emojis from Google Sheets Not Rendering in Glideapps

I’m trying to add certain Google Sheets emojis and they are correctly displaying in the Glide builder on my desktop. However, when I open the app on my iPhone or go to my app URL in my browser window, only a couple of emojis are rendering while the rest are not. Any idea what might be causing this? I tried deleting and adding the component, and also re-installed the app several times. Nothing seems to help.

Check out http://emojipedia.org

Each device is going to render an emoji differently, just like a different font. You may be using emojis that aren’t compatible with Apple. The website above shows you how each emoji is rendered on several different devices.

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This helps clarify why I wasn’t seeing those emojis on my device. I’m glad it’s not due to something I wasn’t doing right. Thank you!

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