Emoji for rating ★ not showing through if-then column and template column

Hello everyone,

I have been learning a lot from this community lately, so big thanks.
Not sure if I should post this problem in “Bugs” or “Help & How to”.

I recently followed the tutorial from the wonderful @Robert_Petitto.
The tutorial shows how to display average star ratings and can be found here.

It works perfectly for my app when I see it in the browser and in Glide Layout, as you can see here :

Unfortunately it does not work on my phone, both Android and iPhone, as you can see here :

I can show emojis in text columns as I do often, but somehow when using if-then columns and template columns the emojis are not shown in my phone app.

I have varied the emojis that are used (lower Unicode version symbols versus higher versions), both do not work.

So my question is :
Are there other people also having problems with showing emojis in template columns and if-then columns in their phone app? Is this a bug, or is there some setting I should look into?

Thank you in advance.

Another user on my YouTube channel said the same thing. So weird.

Seems to be issues at the moment with glide. Related?

I use lots of emojis in my apps (I get them from https://emojipedia.org/)
Occasionally I find one that won’t render in the Android browser (which I assume is attributable to browser compatibility/support), but I’ve never known them to not work on iPhone (regardless of the source column type).

I also suspect related to the current problem

Update: I have pinpointed the difference between my settings and those of the tutorial from @Robert_Petitto .

I want to be able to show half ratings (half stars or hearts) ex.g. 3.6/5
Robert only shows full ratings (full stars or hearts) ex.g. 4/5

When I follow the tutorial but use decimals for the “stars UI tab” instead of full values I have this :

Instead of this with the full ratings :

When using the same settings as the tutorial, unfortunately I cannot get a relation column between the average rating and my “Stars UI”, so I get this:

instead of this with the full ratings:

As a solution, I have deleted the column RoundedRating and made a direct relation with AverageRating to the Star UI tab. The following is the result:

This now seems to work on my phone, both on Android and iPhone, showing the full and half hearts !

I found what I did wrong yesterday. In the RoundedRating column I typed “round” instead of “round(average)” in the configuration cell and then used an extra template column to copy this column and make a relation. You can see this here and it seems fine, but gives problems on my phone.