All the best for 2020 Gliders!

Why I love startups?

  • They are happy with feedback.
  • They are easy approachable.
  • They work rapidly on updates.

That’s why I love Glide!

Why I hesitate putting too much energy in startups?

  • For some of them it seems the goal to sell their company to a bigger one, very often it means the end of the product.
  • They start cheap for the masses and then change to what they think are B2B prices. They become too expensive for me.
  • What is the strenght in the beginning disappears over time when they grow as a company.

But of course that’s not going to happen to Glide! :wink:

Have a great 2020 all!


Well they need to keep investors happy for the moment?

I know how it works, that’s why I’m hesitant :wink:

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It would help to see a roadmap?

If they would sell to for example Google I wouldn’t hold that against Glide, that’s a form of businessmodel too :wink: Due to years of putting energy in startups that disappear, I will now always be wary to depend too much on them. But who knows! So far I love Glide and I am a big ambassador of the tool. But I would love a roadmap too :wink:

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