Interested in your Glide business models

Hello, Gliders,

As I introduce more nonprofits to the tools I’m creating in Glide, more and more are interested in using my apps and pages. If you are running a business building projects for clients (rather than within your own company for employees), I am very interested in your business model.

Some of the things I’m thinking about and welcome your input:

  • For example, I have built a Grant Tracker Page. I think that I do NOT want a single public page that multiple nonprofits subscribe to. I think that the organizations are better served by a “closed” app that is built for their use only. So instead of a single project that 15 organizations subscribe to, I’ll have 15 organization-specific projects that are exclusive to each.
  • I know this sounds like I should build and sell Glide Templates, but my niche market does not have the human resources to become Glide efficient and build/manage their own apps and pages. Imagine a rural county historic home run by retired volunteers or a little league baseball team run by parents. AND those volunteers rotate with each board term every year. This is my client base.
  • In doing so, do I use my account in which there are the 15 apps? Or should I get each organization to set-up their own individual Glide account and invite me to be a team member in each. I think I prefer the control of using my account with multiple client apps in it unless someone convinces me otherwise.

My ultimate goal is my own suite of whitelabeled Glide SAAS apps and pages sold to nonprofits for Board Management, Grant Tracking, Membership Tracking, Event logistics, and anything else I can think of. I will build basic templates of each for myself and work with the client to personalize them for their individual needs.

If this is similar to how you work, please let me know your lessons learned and best practices.

Most sincerely and grateful for your feedback,

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always use client accounts to run their own Apps.
you gonna run out of Glide and Google quotas for your account, plus you need to deal with liability issues…
have your templates ready, and when the customer is willing to pay… simply duplicate your app, modify it to the customer’s needs and transfer the template… you can stay for a while as a team member to troubleshoot bugs…


Liability is something I am concerned with. As much as I trust Google and Glide, if a hacker does manage to get it or there is a complete crash, I rather it be their responsibility than mine.

hackers are the least to worry… is the customer mishandling the app

As in are they doing something illegal/immoral? Or simply “what if they mess up the app?”

all of these, and much more… plus like I said, it will run on your quotas… if the app will go on a loop or get many users… you gonna get big bills to pay, or other of your services will stop working

So a basic, “it’s your account and your apps/pages…I’m just your outside contractor.”

yes… mostly it will be your customer’s lack of understanding of how things work or what is legal

Hi uzo,

If I’m in public without email…whether the limitations of features in glide applies?

The only limitation i can think of, is that you can’t track that user… but there is a semi solution for that… in most of cases you can get browser navigator info and record that. Not perfect but possible, if the user won’t get to your app from a deferent device