Glide strategy?

Hi Glide !
Is it possible yo have an idea about "How Glide might see the future? " like any Startup Plan? Or can we imagine one day to have a million rows limit? Or focusing on internal enterprise apps? I guess also infrastructure depends on the choices…

I love the platform but l need to build things differently according to what you will focus on…
Thank you.


I may be in error, but a tool for a million records require a different and complete coding platform.

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A startup rarely starts with 1M customers :slight_smile:

You build a prototype because you want to work out what might work and be used.
You build an MVP because you want to work out product-market fit
You build a few iterations of your product because you have succeeded enough with your basic MVP to invest more time and money to work out what actually might work
And you then add on features, extensions, etc to improve the experience, allow you to address more customer segments, respond to competitive pressure, etc

My telemedicine company will get to 100K customers on a Glide app over the new few months. With email accounts, and compliant with GDPR.

To scale over 200K+… I would need to use SQL as a backend.

Fortunately this is on the Glide roadmap - for enterprise customers at least.

This makes sense. It is financially worth being an enterprise customer if you have lots of users. Sure, you could try to squeeze by on a free Glide account, or pay $300 a year and complain… but a real company needs real tech support :wink:

I am happy with my platform choice so far. And moving the backend to SQL would help should we need to change our approach in the future. Flexibility … :slight_smile:

First though, one needs to get started. And the first parts of the journey I described above are great on Glide :slight_smile:


Obviously no one starts with 1 million users.

What I was trying to understand is what Glide’s long-term vision was.
I built a complex application on Firebase / Firestore which was expensive and time consuming. Then we had to add features and I had trouble communicating with the developers who did not understand easily what was needed.
I have decided to switch to low-code no-code approach and I am very satisfied with the switch. I have tried other platforms, including low-code platforms but the flexibility l am getting with Glide is great.
I don’t date if Glide will be able to replace Firebase + Firestore and I would like them to react to my post.
My mvp had already been done and I know what I want to achieve. I have two paid accounts and I plan to take other ones but I have very little information on what they offer in the Enterprise Pack. As I read that they focus more on internal applications and limited row numbers ones (25000).

I keep wondering if they will be able to support several thousand simultaneous connections and connecting with other databases “outside” from their ecosystem.

Thank you for sharing your experience…


Our long-term vision is that you will be able to build whatever software your business needs with Glide (except if you are a video game company :laughing:).