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@Dan_San this model isnโ€™t fair nor for static apps or pages as every single server hit counts at least as 1 sync. Itโ€™s absolutely crazy.

In light of the recent comments about updates, I am guessing that most are only realising now that itโ€™s actually a limiting factor in terms of the plans. I flagged this about 6 days ago and made a suggestion to the Glide team and I am hoping they will take a serious look at it.

The ratio of Users to updates should be closely looked at and adjusted to be in line with the Free plan. For the free plan you get to have 100 Users at 1000 updates.
So to take the Starter plan in line with that then the updates should be increased to
10 000 updates (1000 Users: 10 000 updates)
Pro should be adjusted to 50 000 update
Business should be 100 000 updates.

This will be in line with the Free plan updates. This makes sense for both the business and the users. Please Glide team, consider these suggestions.


@darder I donโ€™t understand. I thought sync was data sync between Google Sheets and glide tables. Are you suggesting the each http GET is a sync ? I donโ€™t that is true, please expand.

Iโ€™m pretty sure it does. Every single http GET count as 1 sync. I invite you to check it out. I did. At least in an MyAirtable integration.

Hey, Joseph! Will DM you for details

Have you checked out our new Non-profit and Educator plan? The Typeform is listed in our Pricing FAQs. Direct link to Typeform here: Glide for Non-profits and Educators

This pricing was entirely our invention, and did not come from outside.

The #1 thing that drives our costs is data updates. We have two options to make our business work:

  1. Charge per app user
  2. Charge for app use

#1 is just a proxy for #2, and was extremely unpopular when we tested it (e.g. pay $2/month for every user of your app).

We want Glide to work as a long-term business, so at the very least, our pricing model needs to reflect our costs. Today we have many apps that cost us hundreds of dollars per month to host due to data update volume, yet they are on a $30/month plan with unlimited updates. What would you do in this situation?

We will continue to refine the model (which updates are counted, how many are included, how they are priced at volume), but I am pretty confident that this is the right structure. Ideally, the pricing model correlates to the value for customers, and we canโ€™t find a better correlation of value than data updates.

There is a real cost for running software that updates data. We cannot pretend this cost doesnโ€™t exist! We apologize that our traditional pricing pretended that unlimited data updates could have a fixed cost.


Sorry for the delay! Google Analytics is available on Pro team plans and higher

Hey, Jose! One thing to keep in mind from earlier in the thread:

David I agree with you that the new updates based pricing model should be fair as it reflects your costs, but counting every single http GET as 1 sync itโ€™s crazy. In just three hours after creating a new page in the starter plan I spend more than 10% of my starter quota.

We are not charging for http GETโ€“we are charging for syncing every single cell in your Google Sheet, for example, which is expensive.

As @DJP said, we plan to not count updates made while working on your app in the builder (which triggers many more updates than simply using your app). This change is coming soon, and update limits are not yet enforced.


So do we have to pay now for this non projected consumption?

Update limits are not currently enforced (nothing happens if you go over the limits).


Ok thanks. That answer helps a lot. I would like you to check if http GET isnโ€™t really counting. I made some test and in my opinion it does. At least in my Airtable integrated page.

David look at this. Without doing anything my sync updates continues growing all by himself without any reason to do it. itโ€™s very scary

@darder another issue here, is that Airtable (unlike Google Sheets and Excel) does not tell Glide about changes, so we have to check your Airtable base every 3 minutes while your app is running, causing 1 update every 3 minutes. Airtable is giving us access to their new Webhooks API in the coming months, so Glide will not need to check every 3 minutes, and will only perform an update when your Airtable base is actually edited and your app is running.

Your updates are increasing while you have your Airtable app open in the builder for this reason (Glide considers your app to be running).

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Ok. I understand. So I guess you wonโ€™t be charging for this Airtable syncing issue during this months prior to the API upgrade. Right?

No, we will likely enforce update overages before that is ready. If this is unacceptable to you, please wait to use Airtable until that is in place.

We will fix the updates counted when editing in the builder before turning on enforcement, yes.


Let me know how it goes in the coming months, I donโ€™t think you will experience too many updates when not editing you apps.

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I use google sheets but I am not seeing any Syncs. (Iโ€™m already dealing with DJP on this)

Above you said โ€œWe are not charging for http GETโ€“we are charging for syncing every single cell in your Google Sheet, for example, which is expensive.โ€ Can you clarify, is update to a cell or a row, i.e when we use an edit form or Add form is that one update or is that the number of data components used.