Airtable & Excel Early Adopters Wanted

Did someone already tried as an array columns (emails) and make it as row owners?
Looks like not working in the app… Thanks.

It will only work if the array was created in a google sheet (via consecutive numbering of column headings), and rendered as an array in the glide data editor.

Otherwise, an array in glide is a computed value. Computed values are computed on the end user’s device. Data has to be sent to a user’s device for it to be computed. If data has to be sent so it can be computed as an array to be used for determining Row Ownersship, then you have already exposed the data by sending all of it to all users and it’s too late.

So, applying row owners on a computed array value after the data has been sent to the user is pointless. That’s why it’s not possible.

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Hey @Jeff_Hager, I just wonder on this… It works on the editor, yet not work in the published App.

Airtable: image

Glide App Editor:

Published App: (No data shown)

It shouldn’t work according to my understanding, if it truly is a column value that’s computed on the user’s device. Is that a make array column? Normally you can’t assign row owners to columns like that,but the make array column is new and maybe has some bugs that still allow you to assign it as a row owner column. How are you putting data in that column?

Keep in mind that the data editor in glide kind of ignores row owners, so results may vary compared to the the app itself. However the design builder usually respects row owners, so it is weird that it’s showing different results compared to the published version.

Jeff - see the below thread for some additional background on this one…


Thanks @Darren_Murphy :+1:

Yeah! That’s why I really wonder since it works on the editor, yet not on the published version. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I haven’t used Airtable, so maybe there are still some bugs. What I described applies for Google sheets and glide tables for sure, and computed columns as far as I’m aware.

Airtable integration with ability to edit linked record will be game changer and will put glide ahead.


This is a bug. It’ll be fixed Friday next week at the latest.


Hey @Mark is there an update? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Can you try turning off and on row owners in that table? It should work by now.



You can also try “plucking the cable” (don’t ask :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Has anyone been able to locate the comments table in Airtable as it would be in Sheets?

You are only going to see the comments table if you have a google sheet attached, as far as I know.

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Hey @Mark & @david !

Any ETA about linked & multi attachments fields edition support?

It’s been almost half a year from the beta integration and, honestly, I’m sure that Airtable users (like me) are missing this feature In order to adopt Glide as front end.

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Yes it’s really essential especially the linked record.

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