Airtable & Excel Early Adopters Wanted

I have updated my Airtable connected Pages app to Pro to be able to test the inherited relationships from the Airtable Scheme without the narrow limits of the free version.

I have to confess that I feel quite confused about how to proceed to edit (is it possible?) the inherited relationships of Airtable and how to add or eliminate those relations. I also Don’t understand how Glide will be able to handle many to many relations, which in Airtable do not require an intermediate table. Many doubts about how it will eventually be possible to reconcile two database systems with so different foundations.

I am sure that Glide team is working hard to complete this announced integration, but what we have so far in this beta, for now, is little more than presenting data, including Airtable inherited relations. For now only simple fields can be edited, nor the relation fields or multi attachments ones.

Creating Glide inner relations and let Airtable serve as just a simple tables container would not be a solution because Airtable relations would be lost.

Will AirTable users see fulfilled our expectations? Or will this be an integration with limitations?

In the first version of this integration multiple attachments and Airtable relations (links) won’t be editable. We’ll be working on making that happen later.

Thanks for your answer @Mark .

You mean that Airtable multi attachment & linked records edition will be supported prior to the official launch?. If not I think it would very confusing to potencial Airtable users while trying Glide as a premium front end for their data.

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We haven’t decided yet.

Dear Mark,

Maybe it’s a known issue, but Button columns are not popping up when creating the tables.

Also i upgraded my account to pro to get a rid of the limit, but I still have the :

Airtable bases are limited to 10 rows synced on the free plan
Please upgrade to a Private Pro app to improve the Airtable base limit to 25,000 rows.

I tried to refresh the tables with no success.

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@Seb_Blandin What would you expect the buttons to do in Glide?

Sorry about the row limit - we screwed up. It’ll be fixed on Friday.

Open a Url, which is a concatenated formula, so I can just create a new column. it’s more the fact that is not showing up when uploading the table, if it could retrieve the data, it would avoid the duplication. no big deal.

No worries for the row limit, I can wait until Friday.

Regarding your conversation with darder, I just can agree with him, linked records edition fields would be a great feature to have.

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Hi @Mark

Any news about links and multi attachments edition availability? :smiley:

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I added some data to an existing row in Glide, and it synced with Excel.

But when I added a new column to the Excel side and populated it with data, the sync moved all the row id’s to the new Excel column (overwrote what was in my new Excel column…)

Glide side:

Excel side:

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My Airtable integration refresh it’s not working anymore… I’m testing Pro App with Airtable integration.


Sent you a DM if you could respond there with more info about your app. Thanks!

We broke something. It should be fixed on Wednesday.

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@Mark This seems unavoidable to get the full power of Airtable in Glide. The point is what was feasible through the all process COupler.IO google sheets is not anymore doable with the current version.

Hi @Mark, is there a specific Airtable/ Glide dev roadmap I can see? I want to try Glide & Airtable, but need to know which features are stable, so I don’t work on/ deploy something to my client that isn’t quite ready yet.

Looks really encouraging :+1:

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Hi @Mark, I’ve spun up a test app - and it looks pretty cool so far…

However it’s missing a fundamental feature that I need… linked records and lookup fields.
That’s why I use Airtable - so I can have a list of areas in a table linked to an enquiry… And when my user loads a new enquiry, they need to be able to quickly add a list.

Please let me know when will this be available, so I can continue evaluating Glide as a solution for my client?


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Linked records and lookup fields should work, but for now you can’t edit linked records via Glide. We will implement that, but I can’t give you an ETA.


After trying Airtable connection both in Glide Apps & Pages I conclude that Glide Pages improvements as carrousel component must come hand by hand with the ability to edit Airtable links and multi attachment Airtable fields edition capabilities. The magic of Glide building beatiful and modern user oriented front ends and the power of Airtable as background data manager is a truly game changer.

While testing this beta integration I made use also of Glide tables in combination with Airtable synced ones so some of the data needed to make apps & Pages functional resides only in Glide.


Thanks for the feedback @Mark. This announcement has the Airtable community buzzing - especially those of us with clients requiring a slick mobile experience.

But unfortunately, without having the core power of airtable built into Glide, means it’s a non-starter at this time.

I’ll happily assist your team with testing should they require assistance.


Just tried it out. It’s pretty cool, but I echo what Bryan said. I really need linked records and lookup fields. I’m happy to be a beta tester when it’s ready.



Also a way to edit & render multi attachment Airtable fields…

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