Airtable Data Source Available Now! (Beta)

YESSSSSSSS no more praise tha lawd.


Wow, this will drive adoption like crazy! :clinking_glasses: :clap:

Either provide an option or use the Airtable setting for:

  1. Number fields: Option to show as integer/decimal (ignores AT setting)
  2. Number fields: Auto-hide when 0.00/empty (always displays)
  3. Date fields: Option to show/hide time (ignores AT setting).
  4. Users: Cannot switch users in the editor or doing something wrong…
  5. Lists: Filter a relation field with dynamic/user values, currently only (not) empty.
  6. Lists: Use a look-up field as source.

My two biggest pain points:

  • Lists for look-up data would be awesome for chain linking. Say for example that a user is related to one or multiple orders, to be able to list all looked up items from those orders, without having to link the user to all items. Glide functionality here is ahead of Airtable.
  • Airtable relation fields (single/multi) are stored as arrays, which are unavailable in a lot of Glide functions. As a workaround, I’m adding an Airtable helper field with formula ={variable}&"" to transform the array into a string. Would be great to use arrays directly for filters, templates…

Edited: I may have just found the solution - although it imported all of the tables automatically, I have discovered that when I right-click on a specific table in Glide, I do have the option to un-link it. It would be best to be able to select the tables when linking - maybe I will try that again and make sure I didn’t miss something.


Now that I have connected with Airtable, here is my first concern - I have several “Tables” in one “Base”, but it connected with all of the tables when I only want the data from one. This is important because the “Orders” table has over 8K entries, and I don’t want to be paying for lines of data that I don’t want in my app. My request would be to allow us to import from single “tables” in a larger base, if that is possible. I did not see the ability to do this when I connected with Airtable. Hoping I just missed something?



Thanks for the tips!

Hi guys!

Need some help here. I am trying to create record however in the data column, I can’t select the airtable column which has link to other tables. How do I workaround this?

Airtable Linked columns edition still not available in Glide…



How does the scalability and performance compare to google sheets?

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Import from Airtable to Glide Sheet would be great then.

If you duplicate an Airtable data table in Glide, it will show up in your project as a Glide Table. Same is true for Excel-based tables.

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I have a synced Airtable base with about 6,300 records. It lags really hard when I do a refresh it can take 5 minutes sometimes or just crashes. Has anyone else run into these really slow response time?

@Mark At this stage the airtable base isn’t even loading when I refresh it. It crashes everytime and gives a “oh sheet!” error. What can I do to fix it? Thanks!

Do you have a link to your app?

Also, a support link?

None of my new data is loading into the app. I tried unlinking several tables from my base in order to lighten the load. The page is still crashing on refresh… If anyone has any suggestions, I’m willing to try any solution.

Please provide @SantiagoPerez , who is from Glide Support with your support link so he can have a further look in your app about the issue.

Thanks, I DM’d him on Saturday. He has passed it along to the support team. I’m hoping I can get some feedback soon. My app is no longer getting current data.

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@SantiagoPerez do you know if there’s been any update? I have a functioning app that is part of our company’s daily workflow and orders are not syncing from Airtable at all. I’ve tried everything I can think of at this point but the syncing times out and fails every time. What can I try to get this working again?

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 8.28.08 AM

The team is working on a fix at the moment.

Thanks for the update @SantiagoPerez!

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