My app is not showing data from the sheet

My app’s URL:

Could you tell us exactly what you’re expecting to see that’s different from what the app actually shows?

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Hi Mark,
My data view doesn’t match my Google sheet. There are more elements in the data view than in the google sheet. I tried to refresh everything but no change. The app is
Any tips?
Thank you,

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Scroll down to the bottom of your Google Sheet please.

Thanks!!! I am not too familiar with the plateform.


Envoyé de mon iPhone

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Hey @community , my data isn’t showing too when I was using the App (publish link). But when I am in the editor it shows and works well.

What could be the cause, is there a bug or something? I already remove any visibility options or filters. Hoping for any feedbacks. Thanks!

Btw, I was using Airtable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do Row Owners applicable on a free version or not? It seems like this is due to Row Owners - but I am confused as I included (myself/user) in the Row Owners. And why its not showing still.

I am still testing out the app before subscribing any plans. Thanks.

Row owner is applicable to free apps.

Have you set up a user table yet?

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Yes I did… My problem is why it’s not showing in the Glide App, yet it’s showing in the Glide App Editor?

Are you 100% certain that you are signed in as the same user in the published version?

Yes and I just check/review it now.

What happens if you remove Row Owners?

It does sound like that’s what’s preventing anything from showing up.

It showed in the App when I removed the Row Owners.

Okay, so that confirms that.

Can you apply Row Owners again, and then show me a screen shot of the data editor for the Client table?

Please make sure the “Viewing as…” is shown in the screen shot.


No, I need to see the Data Editor view.
What you see when you click here:

That last column shown in your screen shot (the one with Row Owners applied) looks like an array column. Can you explain how that column is created? Is that using Airtable as a source, or is it connected to a Google Sheet?

Are there any other columns in that table with Row Owners applied?

Using Airtable look-up function, when I add a User in the row it will look-up for its email. Only Airtable no Google Sheet.

No other Row Owners columns applied.