Airtable API Limits/Usage Estimates

Hi there - I’m building a Glide app based on Airtable data for a client. As Airtable rolled out their new plans in the last few weeks, the Teams plan (formerly Pro) has a limit of 100,000 API calls per month, and currently no way of monitoring the usage.

Is there any way from Glide’s side to estimate or know how often it hits the Airtable API or does anyone have general knowledge on how to think about working with these limits and whether I should suggest my client upgrade? I know Glide syncs full tables from Airtable on a cadence, but we do have some user data input in our app (text fields).

Our app is relatively straightforward, mostly displaying information but each user (we estimate 10-20 at first) will need to do some data input (filling out a few text fields) every week or two. Generally speaking, it feels like it’ll be fine but I don’t really have any visibility into how heavily Glide hits the Airtable API in general.

PS- is there any way to get in touch with Glide directly? When I try to hit the support functions, I get sent to a bot that says to file a ticket but I can’t find any way to do that.

That’s 2.3 API calls every minute, assuming 24/7 usage. I think it would be pretty hard to to get anywhere close to 100,000 calls.

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