Licence - Glide App & Air Table db

Hello, Does Glide’s licence db limitation applies when using Air Table database ?
For example if using a Glide with a Starter Plan limitation (5000 rows / 5Gb at $24/month) :
Does the glide app using air table db (connected with air table api key) with more than 5000 rows and / or more than 5Gb of air table data will work ?
I suppose yes but glide shows row usage even on a glide app linked to air table data.
Thanks for clarification !

Glide’s limitations have nothing to do with Airtable’s limitations and apply regardless of your data source. They are separate products, but glide will sync their database data with an airtable source. It’s still using glide servers and storage, so the limits still apply. The end user app only communicates with glide and has no knowledge of other data sources, such as airtable.

In fact, you will use more updates with airtable because of the extra syncs, and currently the API that airtable provided to glide is not efficient and will count even more syncs when an app is in use.

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