Admin version not visible on my mobile

I copied the 14 day pro app free trial version. I created a username for myself as an admin and added the app on the home screen, however the version on my home screen does not reflect the preview version of the app. is this because I haven’t paid for a monthly plan or is it something wrong im doing? I thought the 14 day trial would give access to the full application?

Can you show the difference with screenshots? Did you disable auto-publishing?

Would it be possible to schedule a call and share my screen?

I’m not able to see the admin screen attached when I copy the app. I only see the driver view even when the user name is set as Admin

Can you show us the tab visibility for the “Admin” tab on your end, also the related data to the visibility conditions, if any?

Sorry, I am not sure about this!

Thanks for your message. Here you go

When I copy the app on my mobile, I only see the trips and tasks created on the desktop version for the username I created. I am not able to create trips and task through the mobile version as an admin.

So you want the “All Trips” tab or the “Driver” tab? What is the user type of the person you’re viewing?

I would like to have the “ADMIN” and ALL TRIPS" Tabs show up on my mobile view so I can create new trips, new tasks, new users, and new hubs.

Your screenshots only show the visibility settings for the All Trips tab. It would help to see what the visibility settings are for the Admin tab instead, since that’s the one you are having trouble with. Also it would help to see the data in the user profile row for the user that is signed into the app and should be seeing the Admin tab. Please make sure that the published version is using the same user profile row as the one you are previewing as in the builder. Many people create a user row manually, assuming that it will work, but glide still creates a user profile row automatically and that it actually the row it is using.

Here is the ADMIN visibility setting. I checked the user profile data per your recommendation and it shows admin, however, my mobile screen is still showing “Trips” with a blank screen and “+” at the bottom right and not the screen attached.