Tabs won't show on live app

Hi Guru’s

I did an update on an app template but the tabs won’t how on the published app like they do in the development can someone please help. I signed in as an Admin but still tabs won’t show up

Any idea in that @Jeff_Hager ?

@Robert_Petitto could you possibly help, please?

Are you sure you’re signed in with an admin account and the your Admin role is spelled correctly?

Yes I have please see image

You sure there aren’t any extra spaces or return characters either in the sheet or in the glide filter?


Have you thought about adding an additional visibility condition -

‘Email is signed in user’

100% can I maybe share the app with you maybe if you free

Yes I did and it still won’t show

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I’m not until Monday. Tried signing out and signing back into the app? Not sure offhand. Want to PM me a link to copy the app?

Okay I can PM the link

I just figured it out ah man this is tricky now because Glide puts in an generated email address so it then reads that email instead of the original mail