Admin levels vs roles

Last question of the day… Sorry just had a few I needed to knock out! so far I’ve seem to solve all the other issues I have with my first project and ready to publish, but for some reason even though I’ve created a new project I still have the same issue with admin settings. I can’t remember if this is default for glide or not but I believe it is when you create a new project and have user profiles its auto create a column called “Level”, even if it’s not the default that’s currently what I have set up.

So my user is of course is set to admin… And the screens that I have with visibility only enabled for admin for some reason is no longer working for me. When I view a screen as another user it blocks the preview as it should. When I view it as myself (Admin) it still shows the pop-up message that preview visibility is not accessible to me. I don’t know what I could be missing, my user row has my email in the email column and says admin in the level column… Is there something else?

Need a screen shot of your visibility settings, and the table they refer to.

Whoops, solved! :slight_smile:
Duplicate was causing little error. All good now. Thanks for asking…wouldnt have found it. You know when youve been staring at a screen for days syndrome…just need new perspective sometimes.

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