Adding webhook not working


When I am trying to add a custom webhook, I have the following error message “Oh Sheet! Something went wrong adding the webhook”
I do not have any more information or logs…
The webhook is working well with postman or other tools so that does not make any sense.

Thank you by advance.


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Can you make a short video that shows the failure happening?

Please find it here:

Thanks. I tried to replicate that but I’m unable to.

Can you try adding the same webhook as a custom action, and let me know if it works?

Also, can you try adding the webhook to another App? (this will help determine if the problem is with the webhook, or with your App)

I tried adding the webhiook as a custom action but I still have the same error :

Same when I tried to add the webhook in another app… it is weird
Do you know if Glide does any checks on the url to be added as a webhook ? Because it works with different urls.

Thanks by advance

Okay yeah, that narrows it down. It must be something specific to that webhook. Do you mind sharing the webhook URL with me so I can take a look? (share it privately if you wish).

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I just shared the webhook URL with you in private. Thank you :slight_smile:

Got it.
I get the same error with that webhook URL, so I think that pretty much confirms that it’s a problem with that specific URL. My best guess is that it might be that Glide may be unable to handle the custom port number.

In any case, I think the best course of action at this stage will be to reach out directly to Glide Support. They will be able to troubleshoot further and escalate to Glide Engineering if necessary.

You can raise a support ticket from your Glide Dashboard - click the question mark at the bottom right, choose Support and then follow instructions.

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