Does Glide send a webhook multiple times?

I’m using Webhooks for Sheets addon for my spreadsheet to be able to receive webhooks from anywhere. And then I’m trying to send a webhook from Glide. Generally it all works, but what i’ve noticed is the data continues to come to the spreadsheet. I only press the button once in Glide, but it continues to add new rows with exact the same data (even timestamps) with a few minutes interval.

So what’s happening here?) Am I doing something wrong? Or the problem is in the addon script maybe? Will appreciate any help, thank you in advance.

While I was writing this post 4 new rows were added. This is crazy)

I think Glide will retry the web hook if it thinks it failed. The add-on you’re using may not be telling Glide that the webhook was successfully received (For example, it might be sending an error code back to Glide).

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Addon returns the following object:

status: "success",
message: "data logged successfully"

May be it should return 200 instead?

(Btw, I find it super cool, when you reply yourself, thank you for that🤗)

Interesting issue!

Maybe, Glide is waiting for a status code/number to process the operation but instead, a status text is received and there is no way to validate all.
Have you tested your Webhooks using another tool?
E.g: - Test, process and transform emails and HTTP requests


Yes, I’ve tested webhooks with Postman and it worked perfect.

Oh, my bad) You mean testing webhook receiving, not sending)
So I’ve tested it using the platform you suggested. Works fine, no duplicates.

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Okay, after some research and practice I think that the problem definitely is in Addon itself. Because I learned how to write a custom script to catch webhooks without any addons (thanks to this post) and my script works perfect with Glide — no duplicates or other problems.

So I think we could close the topic) Thanks to everyone, guys.

Oh, btw, if you’re still interested in this issue, you can go and install the addon and peek the script. I have not enough practice with coding to find the problem, so may be some of you could.

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I’m here because I love Glide and being part of the community, not because we don’t have enough support staff! But thank you for the offer.


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