Adding item from another tab

I have a user tab with another tab for medications for the users. I created a relation which is able to pull up medications for each. I am able to edit the medications for the user I’m viewing. However, I want to be able to add a new medication for the user with a button. When I tried doing this, it takes me to the medication form and asks for user details again. I want the form to just add the medication for this particular user I’m viewing. This is my first week on glideapps help will be appreciated

Hi @ope_katakata welcome to the community :wave:

You can use special values to pull through the data without asking the user again (if the data exists)

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Are you using a form, or an add button on the top right?

Thank you. The column value worked. I don’t know why it wasn’t featuring on the list of available components initially. I created another inline list and then the column component showed up so I deleted the first inline list.

A button.