Per-User Data & Special Values

I’ve built this app:

The goal is to make it the easiest way to maintain your cars (helps you track auto repairs and remind you of when you should get an oil change, rotate your tires, etc.)

The problem: When someone clicks the “Add Repair” button, I need it to know what vehicle their talking about without having them to put in the data. I currently sort by the email, but it’s not granular enough.

See below of images.

I plan to upgrade to the paid plan as soon I can get this figured out. Any help?!

Here’s a look at my google sheets & backend.

Make it a form button and use the columns component and add the column that associates with the car on the profile. Upside: it act like a special value. Downside: forms are submissions which cant be edited if a mistake is made. Columns are only available in form submissions.

Are you referring to the columns within the data category in glide? If so, what type?

No not there. If you make your add repair button a “form button” you will go into the button and add components like you usually do. then you will notice down at the bottom of the component list that there are columns that you can associate with the submission of the form. Don’t quote me on it but I believe the column has to be on the same sheet. These column options automatically populate.

That worked! Much thanks! Any idea then how to view the data in a list form?

Check out this page. It gives you the fundamentals of using the Form component. It may make sense to you then, or you can come back to ask a more specific question. You’ll need a relation between the Vehicle sheet and the Repairs sheet. Then you can use the inline list component to display a list of repairs for that specific vehicle.

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I would also say list relation or inline list but the inline list leaves room for error sometimes.