Automated text special value for each screen from an inline list

I apologize if the title is a bit confusing, but here’s my app for reference. When a user creates a class period on a specific day in their (recurring) schedule, I need the “Day” column to autofill with which day the class was created within. Is this possible in Glide, or would it require some work with sheet formulas? (Have no prior experience with formulas :frowning:)

screenshot filled with manual fake data:

What is your logic on that “Day” column? Can we just have a choice component writing to that Day column for the user to select?

Days 1-6 are selected on the home screen and shows classes from that day and an add button in the top right, so it’d be awkward for the user to have to choose which day to add the class to when they’ve already selected a day to view.

Create a form button instead of using the add function, scroll a bit down, you will have a “Column” component that can be used to write that “Day X” value to the Date column in your new sheet.

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Is it possible to create a form button component in a “List” screen?

Set the screen to “Details”, then make an inline list of the values you originally want to show, and show it in a list view. Add the form button under that Inline list component.

The ‘Days’ inline list from the home tab that leads to this screen is a link to screen action, so I don’t believe I can set it as a Details, unless I’m missing something…

As you have the relation already, I suppose you can set the original action to “View details”, then use a “Details” view for the new screen, show the relation in an inline list, and then add a form button as I have said above.

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