Overwrite cell data using form button

If I create a button on the User Profiles sheet, the data (date/time) will overwrite the existing date/time, which is what I want, great. Yet, I need the extra step of being able to select the individual user to which the date/time value will be sent, not just the current user. I tried creating a form button with a choice selector inside along with a date/time picker and set those two respective columns as the data destinations. I was hoping that Glide would understand to overwrite in the row of the selected user. Instead it creates a new row in the User Profiles sheet. Anyone have a solution for this?

You can’t use a form button. Forms always create new rows. You’ll need to use a choice component on a user filtered details screen or an edit menu.


Sounds interesting. What is a user filtered details screen or edit menu? Can you point me to an example of them?

would the first be an inline list filtered for just name and date/time column?

Correct. You’d need to start with an inline list of all users. On the details screen of that user, then place the choice component.


Sweet! That worked. Fist bumps all around!