I would like to know how to add various options to a column in Glide through a tab in an app

Hi, I would like to know how to add various options to a column in Glide through a tab in an app, which will later be used in a choice component of the same app

Do you mean you want users to populate that choice component for you? Can you go into more detail about your use case?

The idea is to establish a series of parameters within the app, specifically in a tab called settings, where, for example, the means of payment to be used can be defined (of course, a minimum of parameters would be established by default) and the user could add others or delete them, and that it is possible to control that there is a minimum of them, and thus for others such as categories, where there is also a minimum and the user can change them or add others depending on what they want to categorize. In the end, what you want is to parameterize the app so that it adapts to different payments, different categories, etc.

your explanation is a bit chaotic… do you mean users can add filters to a list?

I think the short answer is all you need to do is make your choices editable.


Good, maybe I explained badly, let’s say for an example that your business receives payments in “Cash” and “PayPal”, but another man has a business where he accepts “Cash”, “Nequi” and “Daviplata” (Payment platforms ) but not “Paypal”. With this situation, what you want is for each user to configure the payment methods they accept in the app. The above can be extended to product categories, sales units, etc. Anyway, thank you very much for your valuable comments, I already found the solution using the inline-list component and some calculated columns in the configuration table

all you have to do is to make a boolean column where customers will check payment options, then simply set visibility for payments option depending on checks in that column.