Adding & Editing Not Appearing

I did not solve it unfortunately. I also recreated an app from scratch, and it worked, but after adding an additional tab, all “add” and “edit” features disappeared. together with the input components.

infelismente o erro persiste quando vc clia uma coluna nova fiz o teste e esta dando o erro novamnete apos cliar uma coluna nova as opções nao aparecem

This is clearly a bug. @david @Jason

Hey man, change your subject to “Add/Edit button disappeared”. Put a tag of Bug. Thanks!

Suffering from the same issue in one of my apps

alguem pode me dizer se a equipe glide ta trabalhando para resolver esse bug

Could you please all share the apps this is happening with?

Could you please share your app?

Yes - anyone else experiencing this please share some or all of the following:

I did a copy. I tried to remove all personal data.

The copy won’t have the issue … When you duplicate the GUI of the app it restore the Add and Edit function and Special Values… Its the original thats losing it for some reason

For me it´s not true. I shared a copied app with the same issue.

I see it in that app, thank you. Please don’t modify it for the time being.

Can you by any chance reproduce this issue starting from a new app? If so, could you record a video and share the spreadsheet you used for it?

Weird when I duplicate the app it allows those functions again but then when I refresh the Sheet because ive added another tab or whatever those functions vanish

Can you reproduce that reliably? If so, could you please give us a link to the original app, and steps to reproduce? I assume it would just be:

  1. duplicate app
  2. add a sheet
  3. reload in the builder


@Mark I experienced the same issue when I was editing my app, I reloaded some data and noticed that the Add ‘+’ had disappeared. Duplicating the app using the same sheet does not fix it.

Although when creating a new app the Add ‘+’ appears again. Having spent a considerable amount of time on my original app, ideally I hope to fix the issue rather than create a new app.

I created righ now a new app from this sheet:

After create, I put Add option to Paciente tab. All OK. After I create in sheet a new sheet tab. I reloaded the app and it broken Add option in app.

Its the specific sheet tab. When the add breaks, add and edit components are gone.

I created a new tab and bam add and edit back.

So whatever the reload does to the tab with add / edit components locks it from being added to or edited

As per @Christopher_Breen post above, I can confirm that if I add a brand new tab to my app, the Add ‘+’ feature works for the new tab, but not for the original tabs.

Thought this may help also.

This issue should be fixed now.

If you still have missing add/edit screens, please duplicate one of your sheets in Google Sheets, then reload sheets in Glide.

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