Adding dependent record with parent record key

Hello. I have two sheets.

  1. Event sheet which contains multiple events EventID is PK.
  2. RSVP sheet which contains multiple RSVP by users and point to EventID like FK.

Initially, the RSVP sheet is empty - of course. I created a button on Event screen that opens RSVP page. How can I record the related EventID when RSVP entry is created?

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I would add a Form Button on your event details page. Then the form can pull in all of the values from that event using the Column values.

Add the EventID column value to the form.

I can’t figure it out. EventId in rsvp sheet stays blank

How are you currently generating the EventID primary key for every entry that is made? Does that event id show in the event details page?

I don’t generate EventId. It is present in events sheet as a unique column. Since it is no something that makes sense to user, I don’t display it in event details page.

Two question:

Are you using a form button within the Event details?
Are you using the EventID from the Columns components?