Connecting 2 sheets

Hello, I would like to set up something, but I don’t know how to do it :frowning:

I have today a “Bar” table with the name, address, hours etc, on this sheet, I store the email of the person who creates the bar in the application.

I would like this person to be able to create events that are related to this bar, but only the email of the person who created the bar can do it!

My 2 sheets have an ID column if that helps!

So, first step linked x events to one bar

I can do it with the relationship field, but if for example I want to get the address of the bar to add it in the event, well I don’t know how to do it :frowning:

Thank you for your help <3

My go-to setup would be something like:
Table 1 - Bars with all necessary info related (name, address, etc).
Table 2 - Events (all events) created by the user.

I would create multiple relations on Bar table where all the events for that bar would be collected and from there I would develop my events lists further.

You could even add something like a choice component where users can choose a bar from a list (Bar table) on your event form screen.

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Hi @Mozza

Thank you for the answer !

In that sense, yes it’s ok.

But how do you make it so that when the person creates the event, selects the bar in a choice component, the bar address comes up automatically?

In the scenario I propose you don’t have to worry about any other bar info, but bar name or bar id.
Selecting it from the choice component you will write a value into an Events table that you will use as a relation to a Bar table. So the address is stored in one table in one place. No need to repeat that value so many times. If you want only the Bar creator to be able to create events for that particular bar, you can add a RowOwner option to the Bar table.
I hope I understood your question well. Sorry if I didn’t.

So yes, I already have a RowOwner!

but that’s not the problem, I do have the address stored in the bar table.

In the event table, I can get the name of the bar (thanks to the choice field), but not the address, can you tell me the procedure? I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have the bar’s address in the event details?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you did everything well.
Now, the point is how would you like to set your events lists.
I assume that you have a bars list and every bar detail screen has a relation list for bar events?
If so, the bar address can be shown in the bar details screen and not in every bar event. At least, I would do that :wink:

So yes, they will be displayed as a list in the details of a bar, but there will also be another part, with just the list of all the events of all the bars (facebook style), that’s why I want to get the address

Ok. Since bar and events are related, you can add a lookup column to each event and insert a bar address like that but be aware of the RowOwner option - address will be shown only to a user who created that bar event. In that case, remove row owners.

Just to add… The bar table needs a multiple relation column for each event and the Event table should have a single relation column for the specific bar.

Yes, thank you very much, I will come back on another topic for the continuation:

  • Show that the list of bar events that I have bookmarked

Thank you !!!


I’ve created a small sample app of how I would do it. Feel free to copy and try.


Oh yes, ty very much, that awesome !

I will use this :slight_smile:

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