Adding a new Data Column within the UX editor (does not work as you would expect!)

Adding ‘new data columns’ in the UX - behaves in an odd (but logical) (but wrong) way:

  • you are in the UX
  • you love the data part of the bottom left
  • you think - cool, I can add a new column I need
  • so you add
    BUT you cannot find the new columns… and think you have screwed up.

Fear not! the feature just does not work properly (it seems :wink:

You are in a tab connected to a sheet, and you see data from a row from that sheet
—> expected behavior - you are adding a new column to that sheet

No - you are adding a new column to the first sheet in your app (the top of the list in the data editor, according to Glide).

Weirdness explained - and a bug to be fixed, please :slight_smile: