When adding column to Data Editor it doesn't add that column to the underlying spreadsheet?

Just to be clear so I understand… if I add a column using the Glide Data Editor, then that column is not actually added to the underlying spreadsheet, correct?

I used the Data Editor to add a “If Then Else” column using the Data Editor instead of doing manally in the my spreadsheet. When I went back to my spreadsheet, that column didn’t exisit.

You are correct. Columns added through the Data Editor are “virtual” columns. The Data Editor does not actually modify the sheet in any way.

I see their purpose as an easier way to add special column values without having to create complicated formulas in the sheet. All the new column options use the existing data in one way or another. It also allows for values in those columns to be updated instantly in the app. Otherwise there can be a lag when data is updated in the app, transferred to the sheet, updated in the sheet by formulas, then pushed back to the app.


thank you. Makes sense.

Is there a way to make this data available in the sheet?
Or is there a way to use the “If-Then-Else” with an existing column?

You cannot put an if-then-else on an existing column. It only creates a new virtual column. If you really need to access the result of an if-then-else, then you can always perform the formulas and calculations directly inside the sheet instead. Create a new column with an arrayformula that uses an IF statement.