Add Audio on Mobile not Working

Describe the bug:

  • On mobile when you hit “Record” for the audio element is changes to recording but you can’t hit the stop button, it just eternally shows “Stop”.

Expected behavior:

  • Should allow you to hit record and create a voice recording.

How to replicate:

  • Hit “New Activity” and try to record on mobile.
  • Make sure to assign to “Tyler Bolz”.
  • Submit.
  • Find activity on calendar (look on current date)
  • There will be no audio recording.
  • Be confused

Link to demo recording:

Can you give us a production link for your app to try to replicate? Your support link is only available for Glide’s support team.

I have found the issue. For some reason the text being longer was causing it, I shortened the text description for audio and now it works. See below.