Recording audio not working for more than 1 minute

So the recording audio works when its a short, say 30 seconds long.

But for anything over 1 minute, it just shows that its Saving… and then when you hit submit the URL is not available. I have a voice to text OpenAI transcription at the database level.

Anyone else seen a similar issue?

Its on a mobile app.

How long are you waiting before clicking on Submit? That audio file needs to be uploaded before a URL can be generated. The longer the audio, the larger the file, which will take longer to upload. I’ve had the same happen with a file picker if I click submit without giving it enough time to upload.

Yeah, I have noticed that. But sometimes it just goes on. And then the phone automatically finishes it in the background (i assume). And then once it says Record again, I hit the Submit button. Unfortunately the URL does not get reflected in such a scenario.

Not sure then. That would be my only thought.

For testing purposes, I just recorded an audio of 5:37 minutes. When I hit stop, it took about 3-5 seconds for the URL to be generated. When I hit the transcribe button to transcribe the audio into text using Glide AI, it took about 2-4 seconds for the transcript to be generated.



Let me move the Transcription to an action, and not at the database level. Thank you.

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I used Glide AI. The behavior should be similar to the OpenAI integration. I believe Glide AI uses OpenAI under the hood, an advantage of using GlideAI over the OpenAI integration is that one does not need to deal with the OpenAI API key.