Voice to text

Hi guys, I am new to Glide, and I had some problems when I tried to build my own AI Voice-to-Text app. I have it integrated with my OpenAI, and connected to the “speech to text” function. However, the response is prolonged, I talked to it but it would only show my previous recording, not the latest one. Is there any way I can improve it, please?

Can you show us how you’re setting it up? Can you also explain what “prolonged” mean with some screenshots?

I mean the response was delayed. It’s hard to tell with my screenshots, I added “hint” for the AI response, if I didn’t record a new voice message, the “hint” would only show my previous response.

You’re recording the audio to your Recording column, then use the “Speech to text” action to write it to your “Text” column and display it to the screen?

There’s always a period for the video to be saved, uploaded to the Glide server, and only by then can the speech to text action be run.

I would suggest clearing the text column as part of your record action, and add a wait for condition step to wait for the recording column to not be empty, before runing speech to text.

I think it’s the delay of ChatGPT. Thanks anyway.