In-app audio recording

Just gonna drop this link here.

I don’t expect this to be a reasonable method for giving us a native iOS audio recorder component within Glide itself. I realize that some things simply won’t come until Apple finally accepts the growing appeal for PWAs.

But… with webview an interim solution for developers to add features to Glide from their own external building grounds, this might be of interest to some of you.


Yes! We can’t wait to do this.


I am using videoask in my case which works great with Zapier

Seems very interesting. The record button, though… is it embeddable in a webpage? Are you using it through webview? What Does it look like to your Glide App users. How much can you customize the language around the record button to fit a niche use case other than the one that VideoAsk seems to be promoting: question asking?

Its a new window because you will be stuck with ios if you used webview and there is no permission

And language can be customized and I suggest you should join slack community to ask more questions about it