🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

Yeah I don’t think we can stop that.

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I can confirm that a conditional compound action tied to a button sometimes hides the button…I can’t find the cause.

This button should be here.

The visibility conditions are identical to the “Attack” button above it. Here is a screenshot of the Action Configuration:


@Robert_Petitto Have you stumbled across a solution for this one whilst playing with the new Actions capability in staging (or even elsewhere)? Cheers.

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:clap::clap: Can’t wait to have a clear action (hope it will follow the row_owner system i.e. only clearing the current user data), 'cause I’m doing over-complicated zapier or Google Script for that and that’s very painful.

:+1: Also the Show Notification will be a big help because some users don’t really read the current “Sent” one :confused:

Nothing prevents a submit except for a required field…best bet is to do the logic outside of the form button.


Maybe a lead here

That might make sense. The inequality operators (< >) in a condition seem to make the button disappear. Weird. @Mark?

@mark @antonio Another Glitch: It looks like incrementing user specific columns by a negative number resets all user specific columns for some reason:


Yes—a glitch for sure. I just switched to the data editor while pushing the buttons and watched all user specific columns reset to 0.


Don’t forget it’s weekend too, Robert :wink:

Oh I know. It’s a rainy Saturday here with nothing to do though but Twitter scroll the election and brainstorm Glide.


Have fun!

Will there be an action that support Stripe?

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There will be an action to link to ‘Shopping Cart’ tab.


Ok. That works. I guess there’s a slight chance of conflict with another submission on another device but I can live with that. However, it doesn’t seem that the same logic can be used to edit a “booking”. Is there a trick I’m also missing here? Trying desperately to do this all in Glide with no Google Sheet calcs and have got this far. I have so many scenarios where a simple booking solution like this would be awesome.

You’re right I guess. There’s nothing that prevents an edit after a submission.

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Hey everyone!

Somebody else already said this but I could not find their post.

I have noticed specially when you’re counting clicks that it works well in the GE but in the app it seems to get reset after closing the app completely.

My action only has two steps: increment by 1 and View details.

Besides the person who posted it before, has anyone else seen this happen?

Here’s a video of what happens:

Dulces Rays · Postres · Made with Glide — Watch Video


is happening here also the same :man_shrugging:t2:

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Unique like counter with Actions!

Try it out here: https://usedbikes.glideapp.io/


And we can also rollup ratings now!



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