Action title no longer dynamic


I have an inline list that opens a details screen when an item in the list is tapped. The title for the screen is a template that connects two columns. This is useful because it updates instantly as the user makes changes and always sits on top to be viewable as the user scrolls down.

However, the title no longer updates instantly. If I leave the screen and re-enter it shows the update, but not while in the screen. This is happening across two apps, neither of which were changed in any way.

I’m hoping for another super easy and obvious fix, like every other post I’ve made recently :laughing: I really can’t figure this one out though…

mmm, I can replicate this behaviour.
I’m not sure that I’ve ever used dynamic screen titles in this way, so I can’t say for sure that it’s a bug.
But there have been lots of changes with Glide recently, so good chance that it is.

Thanks Darren. I really hope it’s not a change as this function was super useful. It had been working fine for weeks, instantly updating.

I tested by adding a text component at the top of the list that is connected to the same template column. That updates as it should, but the title linked to the same column is static until exiting and re-entering the screen

That sounds like a bug to me, so please submit a ticket here. Thank you!