Action: open Detail page for the next item that has Boolean=0

Hi there,

I’m building a crochet companion app It combines step-by-step instructions (those are separate details screens) with a progress tracker (through a boolean checkbox). Sometimes the instructions can get lengthy.

Currently, the users would have to scroll the list all the way down to the last checked item and manually select the next item.
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I’d love to be able to use the Floating button (FAB) to jump to the next row that is not yet completed. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you in advance =)

Sorry what is FAB ?
It seems you just added for FAB, ok let me see if I can help…

Apologies =) UX terms :rofl:

FAB = Floating Action Button AKA Floating button in Glide =)

Entendu, je viens de me connecter.
Il semble que ce que vous souhaitez faire soit assez simple, mais c’est de mon côté que çà bute: je ne connais strictement rien au crochet et je suis en train d’essayer de comprendre déjà çà :smile: :smile:

If you could just do a more detailed text on the app…

Thank you for checking it out!

I don’t think you need to understand crochet, per se =) Here’s the behavior I’m looking for:

I guess, you can think of it as an easy way to “Open next task”

Just thinking quickly one thing you could try… in your inline list and under options use ‘group by’

Something like ‘To-do’ & ‘Completed’

Yes, I was thinking about it in case I can’t find a solution for the floating button. I think I’d prefer the button solution but I’m keeping this in mind for sure!

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Ok. You create a FAB.
Then you go to Custom Action, it’s at the top of the list, you click, you choose as Action “open Detail page”, you click. You have to play with it yourself, tell me if it works. Don’t forget to name and save your custom action at the top right.

Would it be better to instead create two inline lists, each filtered by Unchecked or checked? Always show your unchecked items list first, and then once an item is checked, it moves to the second inline list of completed items.

There is no button action that would allow you to scroll to a certain point on the screen.

What if we had an ITE column with either ‘To-Do’ or ‘Completed’ in it and then we put a template column with just ‘To-Do’ in the same sheet. Next build a single relation from the template to the ITE To-Do/Completed column and then use that relation as the data for a show details screen?

@Jeff_Hager could that work?


Thank you, Jeff. As I mentioned earlier, two inline lists is a solution I’m considering but want to see if what I have in mind is possible.

It doesn’t need to scroll to that page, it needs to open the Detail screen for that item =)

I see what you mean. For whatever reason though, the column that is a source of data for the in-line list is not showing up for me in Action builder. Why could that be?

Apologies if it’s a silly question, a blond designer conquering tables here :rofl:

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Got it. Now I understand. I think @Eric_Penn’s solution should work for you.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Let me check again… Ask what you want…

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Hey @Tamara_Didenko if you are happy with my answer please help me and mark it a solution. I have a lot of catching up to-do with Chuck :wink:


Hi @Tamara_Didenko
If @Jeff_Hager Jeff said @Eric_Penn solution is good, you can go with it, for sure… :laughing:


Thank you, Eric!

I’m not 100% sure if I’m following you here. Let me try it hands-on and see if it works.

Any chance there’s an explanation for why this column doesn’t show up in actions though?

Probably because the relation is multiple. In the data editor uncheck match multiple on relPattern_instructions

If you need that multiple relation for some other computations then just right click on relPattern_Instructions, choose duplicate column and uncheck match multiple in the new copy.

I hope that helps!

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Oh, I see. Makes a lot of sense! Thank you!

Ok, can I ask for further explanation?
So I created an If/Then column that watches my boolean and assigns To-do/Completed status as necessary. I’m kind of lost after that :rofl: What should the template column do? Single relation to what? I’m so lost, lol =)

In the template column under template put the exact wording you used in your ite column and leave the replacements field empty

As you can see the template column has populated the same word for every row.

Now we want to build our ‘single’ relation from that template column to the ite column you already have

When our relations are single it will stop at the very first match which is what I assume you want.