Action: open Detail page for the next item that has Boolean=0

Ok, yes, got there as you were typing.

Next challenge – it loads the next “To-do” for the entire table, but I have multiple patterns per table… So you might end up with “Next to-do” for a different pattern… :thinking:

Could I please see a screenshot of your setup? Apologies but I am just a mere mortal amongst the many wizards on here. I’m confident that one of us could get you across the finish line though :sunglasses:


No, you’re brilliant =)

I figured it out, although I did it in a slightly different way than what you were suggesting. You’ve put me on the right path though! Thank you!

Here’s what I did:
I have a “Pattern instructions” table that has all row-by-row instructions for all patterns. I’ve already had a column currentRowID (needed it for Next/Previous actions).

I added If/Then column with the following parameters, but instead of Completed/To-do I made it return currentRowID

Then, I made a relation column that looks at If/Then column and returns the record.

Finally, in Patterns table (that feeds the detail screen for the pattern with inline list), I used a lookup column to bring the contents of condNotComplete to this table and a relation column to link this new “Find next to-do” to the row in Pattern Instructions.

I wonder how many rules of “good table design” I’ve violated, but it works!!!

CleanShot 2022-01-16 at 13.19.23

Thank you for your help!!!


:clap: :clap:

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Yuup that’s the ticket. I’m glad I could help! Navigation is clean and appears to be how you wanted. I like how you incorporated the previous row and next row button bar in the details screen.

Good luck with the project it looks like a really interesting one!

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Just re-reading your brilliant setup and I wonder if we should make this when User > Completed is not true (instead of is blank). If someone were to uncheck something that was once completed then I think it would fall into the ELSE branch.


Yes, that’s a great suggestion! Thank you so much!

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