Ability to Use Screen Values as Form Visibility Conditions

When creating a form, we can add values from the screen to write to columns in the table the form is attached to. In old (classic apps) we could use these screen values as visibility conditions to show/hide elements on the form. In new apps (pages), we can still add the screen values, but visibility conditions attached to those values don’t seem to work. I may be missing something here but this would be an awesome feature. Using custom forms as a work around consumes more updates than would like.

Hm. Are you sure? Seems to work for me still.

Interesting, may be more of a bug then and will close this. It just worked fine on a new page I created, just doesn’t on most existing. In one case works when you use a default value from the screen to fill an entry component, but doesn’t work when you use the same value as a column in the extra columns section on the form.