🤔 How to: Utilize "Values From Screen" components, properly? (w/ pic)


Any time I click on a component from Values Form Screen, it appears under “Columns” on the left but, I never see it populate on the screen I’m working in.

These are not for input fields, correct? Which screen type best utilizes the Feature?

Is this for just displaying information (like on a Details screen?)


Correct. These are not input fields. “Screen/User/Special Value” columns in a form container allow the user to pass hidden values from the source table to the destination table automatically (like user email, timestamp, record id, etc.).

These items are not displayed simply by selecting one of these columns. If you want to display the item in the form container, you’ll need to add a component to the form that can display the information correctly (typically a text, image or fields component).


Got it. Thanks!!

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