Send data from screen to form field?

I have a ‘Things’ table of items:

I’d like to display these on a details screen, then allow the user to click a button. This is on an item’s detail screen:


When they click the button, I’d like to open a form that will allow them to record some user-specific things into a new ‘History’ table:


So I envision my form like this:

However, I want the ID to be auto-populated with the same ID that was in the detail view from the ‘Things’ table. I don’t want the user to enter this or modify it in any way.

So in other words if they are viewing the details for ID 1, and click the button, they are creating a row with ID 1 in ‘History’ and editing those user-specific fields to their heart’s content in that table.

I got all confused and don’t know where to start. Can anyone help?

A sample app is here if it helps!

Thank you all so much!

You should be able to use a “screen value” for this, pointing to the ID from your first table and write that to the ID column in your second table.

I don’t know if you really need the two columns in the second table to be user-specific though, maybe you would want to convert that to normal ones.

Cool! Thank you! I’ll look into that and let you know how it goes!

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Hi! Thanks for the reply!

So I can’t figure out how to refer to another table. If I set the form to draw from the ‘History’ table…


… I can’t select values from the ‘Things’ table, only from the ‘History’ table:


How do I set a screen component to pull from another table or more specifically from a cell in the previous detail screen before that button press?

Thank you @ThinhDinh!

On the left panel, do you see this part after clicking the “+” to add a component?

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Ah! Yes! I understand now! I misunderstood and thought that was the ID for my History table. Thank you so much!!!

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