Prepopulate fields based on previous tab

Hi everyone. Ive been racking my brain a while, and i cant find any documentation, although im probably not the first to look for this issue.

My app logs information about fryer oil.
I have a table with a list of fryers: Row ID| Fryer Name| Company Name| Photo. I have another table that will store the data from the fryers (Daily Input): Row ID| Name (user email)| Date| Company Name| Branch| Fryer| TPM| TPM pic.

Each user has a company name (i.e. McDowells or Patty Queen), and a branch (NYC, MIA, LA, etc). Each fryer has a company name that is related to a company name table. Branches are also related to the company name from a “Branches” table.

I have a tab with fryers (list). The list is filtered according to the user (a McDowells employee will only see their fryers). When a fryer is clicked, it sends the user to a form (called Daily Input Form), where the user will enter the TPM and take a pic of the TPM reader (something my company does, not really important, its just a number for argument sakes). I would like the Daily Input table to autopopulate the fryer column according to the fryer that was clicked.

Hope this makes sense.


Shouldn’t you be able to add the Fryer’s ID if you’re opening the form from the fryer details view? It should be available when you search for the values from screen section.

OMG Thinh! You literally saved my @$$. I was building a different form, and i couldnt find the screen section. I didnt know you could change the details view form!

Thank you so much!

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What you see on the form when you have a brand new action is just the “best guess” from Glide. You can adjust it to whatever you want.

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