Autofill choice when approaching custom form from detail page

I have a list of Trips to which I want to link Expenses.

To upload the expenses, I created a ‘New Expense Multistep Form’ based on a ‘user-specific helper table’. This setup is necessary because the form uses some more complex AI functionality.

In the form, the user needs to select their trip from a dropdown/choice component.

However, I wonder if it’s possible to select the trip automatically when the form is accessed via the Trips detail page.

Currently, I have a button on the Trips detail page that navigates to the ‘New Expense Form’ screen, but the user still needs to select the trip again manually.

I could create a custom action that logs the TripId in the user’s table and then fetches it in the custom form to make a suggestion, but I can’t actually fill the fields in the table and this approach seems quite cumbersome to me.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

On the button from the trip details page add a set column values to the action sequence and set the value of the choice component and… Happy Cake Day!


Hi Eric,

I see indeed that I can create a relation between my details table and my helper table and then select that table to update in the set column values.
I maybe wrong but I seem to remember it wasn’t possible a while ago to set column values of other tables than the current selected table/column or the user profile.

But my issue is resolved many thanks for pointing out! :slight_smile:


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Glad I could help. It has pretty much always worked through a SINGLE relation… the key being SINGLE.


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