Get value from a field on current screen for forms

Hi There,

I would like to request the ability to get the value from a field on the current detail screen.

The feature would be a little similar to the email button feature where you can specify what becomes the Subject, CC and Body of the email.

However, currently if you add a Form button on the detail screen and click it, you don’t have access to the fields from that screen anymore. The form becomes a standalone and independent screen.

Some use case would be when a user is buying something from a catalogue. The product has an id field. If we add a form button to that product page, you should be able to get the corresponding product id automatically.

Hope that makes sense.

I have this functionality in my app (, under Add activity). The trick is to include a column in the form tab that references the tab containing the form button, and to use the various “Column” fields listed at the bottom when you add items to your form.


Yes, this is already possible. Add components from Columns section when on the form screen.

Ah I must have missed it!
Thank you!
Apologies for the bad request.

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Request filled with existing functionality, topic archived.